May 19, 2008

Craft's market

at the Puppet Museum in Lisbon

April 11, 2008

Plasvale pegs

designed by the two Brazilian Taciana de Abreu & Marcela Albuquerque, Plasvale pegs won an iF award in the home product design categorie on the the 2004 editon of iF Product Design Awards.

Besides the more traditional peg-clipping function, Plasvale pegs can also be used as a hook, without the need for a spring.

via: ARCOWeb

March 26, 2008

un cadeau pour toi... #2.5

aeroply, paper, copper wire & watercolour

March 19, 2008

un cadeau pour toi... #2.4

aeroply, copper wire, watercolour & paper
>>> sold <<<

March 10, 2008

pegs in fashion design

Sandra Backlund's "in no time" Collection

merci mafalda

February 29, 2008

made by gypsys

Traditional willow clothes pegs, fastened with tin metal

Did you known that
"A traditional occupation associated with Gypsy Travellers has been the production of clothes pegs. Pegs were traditionally made from willow, a material which was plentiful and easy to work. The bark was removed, the branch was cut to size and a band was placed around the top before the willow was split. The split willow kept the clothes on the line."

source: Diverse Herts

February 19, 2008

de mim...

aeroply, tyvek & watercolour

February 09, 2008


aeroply, copper wire, paper & watercolour

February 07, 2008

un cadeau pour toi... #2.3

aeroply, copper wire, watercolour & paper

February 05, 2008

January 10, 2008

Vespertilium clothes-peg

For people that are Halloween fanatics or for those that simply love bats (and yes, there are a few that do), here are the Vespertilium pegs.

"Inexpensive plastic Vespertilium clothes-pegs would tell your neighbors that your laundry is Halloween-ready."

January 02, 2008

big fish, little fish #1.3

aeroply, copper wire & watercolour