December 12, 2007

"Clip" by Paul Sandip

Made entirely from recycled plastic and with two sets of jaws, the cloth line clip designed by Paul Sandip is a very interesting and clever alternative to ordinary plastic clothes pegs.

"Cloth line clip is one of the few rare objects whose integrity, practicality and sense of purpose has remained intact over the years. Although various shapes and materials have been explored, none have an emerging brilliance of a perfect match of form and function.

"Clip" is the manifestation of my imagination of a world with interesting artifacts which not only look good but also have a definite function to perform. I call it - utilitarian design. The basic aim of my design was to create a single piece product with recycled plastic with no metal components.

Its dual jaw design not only creates interest in it but also doubles up its life. If one jaw is damaged, the other jaw still remains functional.

In the ordinary clips, the clamp and hinge goes parallel to each other where as in this case the area (surface) which is holding the cloth and the area (cross section) which is acting as hinge is perpendicular to each other, which acts as a stiffener.

The product is a single piece injection molded component in recycled plastic. Lesser in price than the existing ones due to reduced number of components."

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